Great Shift

A book about mindset, work-life balance and
the future of the workforce.

In today’s rapidly-changing world, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance while also staying focused on personal growth and career success. Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the mindset, behavior, and priorities of many people changed. This has started what Domenico calls “The Great Shift”, a process that is redefining how we live and work.

In this insightful book, author Domenico Pinto explores the intersection of mindset, work-life balance, and the future of the workforce. He draws on the latest research, interviews with everyday citizens, and conversations with thought leaders. Additionally, he includes personal anecdotes and experiences he has had as a business coach for individuals and organizations.

Domenico provides practical advice and actionable strategies for achieving work-life harmony, managing stress, and reaching your goals, all while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling personal life. Whether you’re a freelancer taking the leap or an experienced professional seeking a fresh perspective, this book aims to be a source of inspiration to help you find success and happiness in both your personal and professional life.

I like the ‘bulding meaningful connections’ part a lot too

I like that you are vulnerable and open makes it very authentic

Looking forward to read more

Overall I am super impressed and I am picky – in a good way

It reads really well and is engaging and I was curious although I know your story

It is really great. You must be so proud! I had to force myself to put it down for a bit while I study for a test next week

Just starting ch 3… totally blown away!! Congrats!! The writing is great, the pacing, sharing of self and the stories, along with some data and practitioner literature is all amazing. The reader is definitely pulled in and wanting more. It is great for me to be reading your book as I finalize my “homework”.

About the Author,

Domenico Pinto

Domenico Pinto is an experienced global consultant who has worked with clients on five continents. He leverages his multicultural background and diverse skill set to drive transformative change. His experience includes large-scale transformation with multinational companies, as well as one-on-one work with founders and start-ups. In addition to his work experience, he holds a Global Executive MBA from IE Business School.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Domenico realized that, like many, he had been neglecting his lifestyle preferences in favor of his career. This realization led him to research, study, and experiment with ways to achieve better work-life integration and high performance. As a business coach, his goal is to help individuals and businesses transition to more contemporary ways of working while also living better and more fulfilled lives.

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