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As the world of work undergoes a massive transformation in current times, it is strategic and crucial for leaders and organizations to challenge themselves into becoming better workplaces, better service providers and better social impact agents. For this, some principles should be taken into account.


Build trust from within to outside the organization, from the shareholders to the stakeholders.


Establish your business on ethical principles and practices. In the long-term this will prove to be rewarding and attractive to both employees and clients.


The ultimate motivational factor across an organization is the sense of purpose. Giving back and contributing to a worthy cause can drive your employees to an extent that no perks or salary can.


Over-communication ensures everyone in the organization is on the same page and clear about what is expected of and from them.


Creating a diverse environment with people from different backgrounds, various levels of experience, ethnicities and living conditions allows for higher creativity, global mindset and inclusion.


Be as transparent as possible with your stakeholders and shareholders. For people to feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization, they need to on the loop of what’s really going on.


Leadership is much more than driving people and processes towards a common goal, it is a never-ending journey.


Even though profit should not be your number one priority in an organization, business sustainability should be your number one concern.

Leadership is a journey,
going rebel is the way

The leaders and organizations that understand and act on the belief that employee flexibility, autonomy, productivity, team culture, purpose and work-life integration are far more important and valued nowadays are actually the ones that will thrive and succeed in the long-term.

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Those whom I have had the chance to help and collaborate with are the best to give feedback on what we have achieved together.

Dom is extremely professional and he employ innovative and interactive approaches in engaging participants. This key feature was particularly important considering the diverse nature of Geregu’s team. Furthermore, the use of real-life examples and idiosyncratic thought leaders to explain leadership principles was also one of the highlights of our session as it encouraged participants to engage with the concepts and more importantly challenge their traditional ways of thinking about leadership. The training made a very good impression on all participants from Geregu and we will be happy to engage Dom again in future.

Akin Olagbende, General Counsel, Geregu Power Plc, Nigeria

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